Do credit bureaus have constitutional right to report negative information about customers -- forever?

May 08, 2012|Eileen Ambrose

Interesting case going on in a federal district court in eastern district of Pennsylvania.

A woman sued General Information Services, Inc., a credit reporting agency, for reporting dismissed criminal charges against her that were more than seven years old. Usually, negative information comes off after seven years. She says her rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act have been violated.

The company argues that it has a first amendment right to publish the information, based on a recentU.S. Supreme Courtdecision.

The Federal Trade Commission, Justice Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have submitted a brief that supports the woman’s position. They say that the Fair Credit Reporting Act has protected consumers’ privacy for more than 40 years and shouldn’t be overturned.

Anyone’s guess on how this one will turn out?

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