Still-unpredictable Preakness weather forecast brightens again

May 07, 2012|By Scott Dance

The latest weather outlook for the Preakness Stakes 2012 has brightened again, perhaps showing the difficulty of forecasting more than 10 days out despite improving technology. is calling for mostly sunny skies and a high of 80 degrees Preakness Saturday, just under two weeks away. That had essentially been the prediction when May 19 first came into AccuWeather's new 25-day forecast window.

As recently as Friday, the forecast had been calling for a rainy patch that weekend, though. That appears to have shifted to a couple of days after Preakness, instead.

The long-term outlook uses more weather data and more sophisticated models to predict weather patterns and help people plan, not necessarily to pinpoint the daily high and low precisely.

The latest forecast predicts dry weather in the week leading up to the big race at Pimlico, with muggy, rainy weather to follow the Preakness.

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