Loyola enjoying perch atop NCAA tournament field

Greyhounds get top overall seed for third time in program's history

May 07, 2012|By Edward Lee

The NCAA selection committee’s decision to award the No. 1 seed to Loyola for the upcoming NCAA tournament was only the third time the program had received the top overall seed and first since 1999.

Coach Charley Toomey said the No. 1 seed was a suitable reward for a team that had set a program record for wins in a season (14) and tied the best start in school history (12-0).

“This is a tremendous feather in the cap for the young men in my locker room,” he said late Sunday night after the bracket had been unveiled. “I will continue to say that they just work so hard on and off the field and stay focused, and this is what the reward is. It’s just for the preparation that they put in day to day for that next opponent, and they’ve truly been a team that has looked 30 feet out the window and not tried to see a mile ahead. They’re one inch at a time, and I think they were rewarded for that.”

Aside from getting a Canisius team that is 6-7 in the first round and perhaps a not-as-difficult path to Foxborough, Mass. – the site of this year’s Final Four – the Greyhounds will increase their Q rating in lacrosse circles by virtue of the being the No. 1 seed.

“Obviously, from a recruiting standpoint, it’s going to help us,” Toomey said. “I think there will be a buzz. People from some outlying areas might say, ‘You know what? What is Loyola all about? It is a little bit of a smaller school, a Jesuit school in Baltimore, but they’re playing lacrosse at a pretty high level. Maybe I want to go take a look over there.’ I think from a recruiting standpoint, it’s going to help us and obviously with what we’ve done this year, it already has. We’re very excited about the young men that are going to be coming in as future Greyhounds.”

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