Legislature should take a cue from hospital rates and hold the line on taxes

May 07, 2012

I read in The Sun that the state is limiting the hospitals that it regulates to a very slight increase in rates ("Maryland allows hospitals slight increase in rates," May 3). According to the article, under current economic conditions, state regulators chose to keep the hospitals from raising their rates in order to protect the public. The overall combined rate increase was held to .3 percent.

If only these same people can get the message to the politicians in Annapolis who are about to convene a special session in order to raise taxes. Gov.Martin O'Malley has already proposed numerous tax increases that far exceed .3 percent. What are the chances that the special session of the legislature will be willing to hold itself to the same .3 percent overall raise that the state imposes upon others?

Arnold Miller, Cockeysville

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