Henson mistreated by Sun and Democrats

May 07, 2012

It never ceases to amaze me what I witness written in The Sun every morning when it's delivered to my front door. But the latest editorial ("Henson grabs the spotlight," May 2) shows the continued subtle racist views of a paper famous for its slanted and self-aggrandizing opinions since the days when Charles H. Grasty owned the newspaper in the early 1900s.

The facts as you present them are only half-true, as Julius Henson and Rhonda Russell may have suggested a "counterintuitive strategy" on how to turn out the Republican base, and even to persuade African-American voters not to come out. Yet, it was, in fact, the campaign's call to have the authority line displaced from the robocall. This is no different from how some "Obama for O'Malley" signs not only lacked authority lines but represented that President Barack Obama was on the ballot in 2010 — which he was not.

When you look carefully at the surrounding circumstances, you realize that Mr. Henson was merely the political consultant in the case and the Ehrlich camp was the ultimate responsible party. So why were neither the campaign office, nor the offices or homes ofRobert L. Ehrlich Jr., Paul Schurick or Ehrlich aide Greg Massoni raided like Mr. Henson's or Ms. Russell's were? They were the only black folks involved in the case. In fact, no federal charges were ever brought against Mr. Schurick (who was later found guilty in state court) or former Governor Ehrlich. Yet the attorney general has brought forth a ridiculous $168 million civil case against both Ms. Russell and Mr. Henson.

Just by those standards alone, many folk in the African-American community feel Mr. Henson has been unfairly targeted and believe that he and his attorney, Eddie Smith, have made their talk worthy of consideration.

Hassan Giordano, Baltimore

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