The only people who should fear having their DNA collected are those thinking about committing a crime

May 07, 2012

Like columnist Dan Rodricks, I have no problem at all with collecting the DNA and the fingerprints of everyone ("DNA: Why wait for an arrest?" May 3). The only people who should disagree are those who intend to commit some kind of crime.

Since I have no intention of breaking the law, the only reason police for the courts would to use my DNA or fingerprints would be to exonerate me of a crime of which I had been falsely accused.

As Dan points out, police and court time would be reduced considerably. We could save millions, and the number of people falsely imprisoned would drop too.

More importantly, the number of criminals who are actually guilty would increase, leading to a drop in the number of crimes committed. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

David A Liddle

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