Cardin understands that racial profiling undermines public trust in the criminal justice system

May 07, 2012

I applaud Sen. Ben Cardin's efforts to end racial profiling: Nothing is more divisive than to bring an "us against them" mentality into law enforcement ("Candidates make final push before Tuesday," April 2).

What could be more demoralizing and dehumanizing than being judged by the color of your skin or the clothes you wear? Racial profiling, by definition, is incompatible with the guarantee of equal protection under the law contained in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

Yet, many of the same people who claim to be strict constructionists with regard to the Constitution are in favor of denigrating one of its most basic tenets.

Not only is racial profiling morally repugnant, it is detrimental to the efforts of law enforcement. Numerous organizations share this sentiment, including the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, which is an organization devoted to advocating equal justice for all Americans.

Trust is fundamental to the administration of justice in our society. Profiling undermines the trust between law enforcement and the community. We will be safer only if trusting partnerships are forged, and these partnerships cannot exist in the presence of racial profiling.

Senator Cardin is unwavering in his fight for equal justice under the law. He has my complete support in this fight.

Anne Neal, Towson

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