Seasonal temperatures, rain ahead this week

May 07, 2012|By Scott Dance

While last week's forecasts of 90-degree temperatures didn't quite come to pass, it was plenty hot and muggy. This week will bring a return to seasonal highs and precipitation that could help bring things back to normal.

Temperatures are predicted in the upper 60s and low- to mid-70s through the weekend. Normal highs this time of year are about 71 degrees. Lows will remain above normal, in the 50s and 60s, until Thursday and Friday, when lows close to the average 49 degrees this time of year are expected.

Rain-wise, passing showers are to be expected this time of year, and they are in the forecast, too. A 50-60 percent chance of showers stretches from Tuesday morning through Thursday. Clear skies are expected to return for the Mother's Day weekend, on Saturday, at least.

So far, the young month of May has been well above-normal, temperature-wise. Three days have topped 80 degrees, with an average high of 77 degrees. The average high for May in Baltimore is 74 degrees.

This week's weather could help inch that average down slightly toward that mark, but we could still be in for a 16th-consecutive month of above-average warmth.

The last time Baltimore saw below-average temperatures, as measured at BWI Marshall Airport, was February 2010, amid "Snowmageddon".

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