Delmarva's Southern Cafe coming to Canton this summer

May 07, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

A new restaurant named Delmarva's Southern Cafe will open this spring in Canton's Harbor Enterprise Center, also known as the Broom Factory.

Delmarva's is scheduled to open sometime this summer, according to David Levitt, a partner in the new business. Levitt, a food-indusry veteran, is also a partner in a Leesburg, Va. restaurant named Tenderjacks.

Delmarva's will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, Levitt said, and will operate as a fast-casual restaurant, the kind where you order at a counter but the food is brought to your table.

A Minnesota native and current Maryland resident, Levitt said that he and his partners backed into the Southern cafe concept when the menu started piling up with things like biscuit sandwiches, shrimp and grit and rib-eye steaks with jalapeno country gravy.

As for the name, Levitt said, "I've done a lot of research. Is there a definable Delmarva cuisine?" Eventually, he decided it was open to interpretation. You can see a preliminary menu on Delmarva's Southern Cafe website. Levitt said its about 90% where it will end up.


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