What they're saying about Terrell Suggs

May 04, 2012

As one would expect, there was no shortage of reaction to and analysis of the news of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs’ Achilles tendon injury. Here’s what other media outlets had to say about the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year and his team.

* The Big Lead’s Jason Lisk has compiled a list of players since 1970 who were All-Pro defenders, then went on to miss most of the next season and measured their teams’ success in that season. The results aren’t encouraging for Ravens fans:

“Twenty-nine other players, via searches using the play finder at pro football reference, have been a first team all-pro on defense since the merger, and then missed ten or more of their team’s games the following season. …

“The average result for this group? The points allowed per game went from 17.3 to 20.8, a 3.5 point increase. The average wins dropped from 9.8 wins to 7.9 wins, almost a 2 win drop.”

* NESN’s Jeff Howe writes that Suggs’ injury gives the Patriots an even bigger edge over the Ravens in 2012:

“The Ravens have lost ground on the Patriots throughout the offseason, and the AFC's runner-ups might have suffered a crushing blow Thursday in their race to keep pace with New England. …

“The Ravens' defensive identity was as strong as any team last season, but their greatest playmaker just went down with a treacherous injury. They couldn't afford that after already losing ground to the Patriots this offseason.”

* Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that the Ravens were perhaps fortunate to have had Suggs’ injury happen after they had made Courtney Upshaw their first pick in the NFL draft rather than beforehand.

“Actually, the Ravens may have been better off to have had the injury happen after the draft.  The Ravens, we’re told, would have been far less likely to trade down if Suggs had been injured before the draft.  So they were instead able to trade down, get the guy they would have picked at No. 29, and picked up extra consideration for sliding back.”

* NFL.com’s Dan Hanzus looks at the risk Suggs would be taking if he tried to play before his torn Achilles tendon is fully healed.

“Mike Evangelist, clinical director of JAG Physical Therapy in Warren, N.J., told Around The League that Suggs would run an extremely high risk of completely rupturing the tendon if he attempted to rehab then play with the partial tear.

“ ‘With a football player like Suggs, there's so much load when he tries to explode off the foot,’ Evangelist said. ‘There's a very strong chance [the Achilles] would pop.’

“Evangelist said it's likely doctors will advise Suggs to undergo surgery now and turn his attention to rehabilitation ahead of the 2013 season.”

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