Pit bulls: 'Inherently dangerous'

May 04, 2012

Dan Roderick used the optimal words to describe his opinion of pit bulls: Inherently dangerous ("Pit bulls: Own them at your risk," May 1).

I just finished a Google search on the breed, and I must say that the evidence against these animals is telling. What is shocking are the comments by pit-bull owners, which ranged from being proud of the dogs' ability to intimidate to blaming the victims of dog attacks.

Google's data shows that pit bulls are inherent fighters. They are leading breed involved in attacks, with Rottweilers second. So these animals are certainly a potential danger to humans — and, by the way, to horses as well.

The positive comments on Google betrayed little confidence regarding the animal's personality. As one veterinarian put it, "you can't love the fighter out of these pets."

Given all the pets once could choose from, why would anyone want to own a pit bull?

John Holter, Baltimore

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