Not all clergy are bullies

May 04, 2012

In a generally good commentary on bullying ("Bullies also lurk in government, pulpits," May 2), Bonnie Bricker, a Howard County public school teacher, goes just a bit too far when she issues her blanket condemnation of "bullying" from church pulpits. This type of preaching only occurs in fundamentalist churches whether Christian or otherwise. Her blanket observation is entirely inappropriate in reference to the vast majority of churches in America and their clergy, most of whom concentrate on messages of inspiration based upon their respective scriptures.

In writing her message in this way, she is effectively bullying anonymous clergy of diverse faiths and offering to the public a distinctly anti-religious message. To quote her own words, she is "turning reasonable positions into steppingstones of disaster." An apology and retraction of this statement is certainly in order.

Frank O'Keefe, Perry Hall

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