Friday Buffet: $99 Xbox bundle and 'The Avengers' game that time forgot

Plus how to get a free PS Vita (all you have to do is buy a car)

  • Poor Vision (far right) was cut out of "The Avengers" script due to "creative differences" witnessed in our excellent video pick of the week.
Poor Vision (far right) was cut out of "The Avengers"… (Dorkly Bits )
May 04, 2012|By Dave Gilmore

News Roundup

•••• Wouldn’t it be fun to buy a monthly fee for your Xbox and Kinect like you do with your cell phone? It looks like that’s going to be an option for folks who want to pay $99 for hardware then shell out around $15 a month as a subscription fee. [The Verge, h/t @KingPajamas]

•••• Bethesda has been hard at work at “The Elder Scrolls Online” since 2007, but its existence was finally confirmed this week. The MMO will take place before the events of the console games, and from the early details released, seems like it will be your bog standard medieval fantasy MMO set in a world players already know. Doesn’t make it less cool. [CVG]

•••• Passes for PAX Prime are completely sold out. Tickets for the convention, which takes place August 31 to September 2 in Seattle, were a hot commodity the moment they went on sale, briefly crashing the registration page. Some hopeful attendees have complained that passes were gobbled up by scalpers and opportunists and quickly posted on eBay for inflated values. [Joystiq]

•••• If you’re in the market for the world’s tiniest four-seater car and you’ve been waffling about whether to buy a PS Vita, you’re in luck. New buyers of the Toyota Scion iQ will walk out of the dealership with a Vita for their troubles. [Slashgear]

•••• ICYMI: we also took an in-depth look at this week’s news of “Skyrim” DLCpack “Dawnguard” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.”

Tweet of the Week

“In addition to Half Life 3, we will also be updating the site with every other game that won't be at E3 this year. Next: Shaq Fu 2.” - @Fauxtaku

Blowing Off Steam

My rant this week is about 2011’s most rant-able game, “Mass Effect 3.” Despite the shortcomings pointed out by many, I really enjoyed the game. I played the campaign exhaustively, collecting basically every War Asset and getting the best possible ending without having an “ME2” imported game.

I took to the multiplayer for a few weeks, had fun with it, but soon realized I wasn’t going to be able to put the time in to really master it. Still, I got a good solid month and a half of play out of “Mass Effect 3,” and during that time I didn’t play much else. So I decided, as I often do, to cash it towards something else on Amazon I don’t need. How much did I get for the $60 game I pre-ordered? $15.25! For a game in excellent condition! Usually the rate for a recently released game in good condition is in the $35-$40 dollar range. For that price, it’s simply worth keeping it on the off-chance I find time to pick up again.

I’m not mad at Amazon for low-balling me. They made a fair-market offer. I’m mad at the market for being so inefficient. There’s a giant supply of “Mass Effect 3” out there. It was among the most anticipated games of the year and sold a ton of copies. The demand, however, shifted when public perception turned on BioWare and it became cool to give the game, which people admittedly enjoyed until a storytelling decision was made in the last ten minutes, a one-star rating. Less than two months after release, the game has been on sale for as low as $39.99, even though it’s the highest-selling Xbox 360 game currently on the market. It’s a great game and a great deal, just don’t expect to get anything for it once you’re done.

Really Important Video

“Captain America and The Avengers” was an excellent side-scrolling beat ‘em up arcade game that was ported to the SEGA Genesis. Man was this thing tough. You could pick between four playable Avengers and do 2-player co-op. Your choices were Captain America (naturally), Iron Man (of course), Hawkeye (ehhh, OK ...) and Vision. What’s that you say, you haven’t seen any posters for “The Avengers” movie that include Vision?

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