Johns Hopkins rotating third close defenseman

Three different players have started in each of the Blue Jays' last three contests

May 03, 2012|By Edward Lee

Johns Hopkins’ close defense has been headlined by junior Tucker Durkin and Chris Lightner. The third starting spot has been a little bit more in flux.

Senior Gavin Crisafulli started the first nine games of the season before freshman Robert Enright opened games against Albany on April 5 and Maryland nine days later.

Sophomore Jack Reilly, the team’s primary long-stick midfielder, started against Navy on April 21, and then Crisafulli regained the starting role in last Saturday’s overtime win against Loyola.

Coach Dave Pietramala is well aware what observers on the outside might surmise about the team’s decision to start different defensemen.

“You can look at that in a number of ways,” he said. “You can say, ‘That means you don’t have a third defenseman.’ We went through the majority of the season with Gavin Crisafulli because those were the matchups. We did feel like we had to get Robbie Enright some time. We felt like the Albany game was the right game for him to make his bones a little bit and get a start. We did feel like playing in the Maryland game was important, which they both did. And we just felt like in the last game we played, Gavin was the appropriate matchup. And as we get towards the end here, he’s a senior, this is his last go-around. I’m sure people are going to point to the tying goal [against Loyola] that he happened to be on the ball, but Gavin Crisafulli actually played a pretty darn good game last weekend. He had a bunch of groundballs and was especially good at the end of the game when he made a couple nice slides and jarred the ball loose. It’s important that we have a little depth there.”

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