Court of Appeals is wrong: Pit bull adoptions continue in Albuquerque

May 03, 2012

In his column, "Pit bulls: Own them at your own risk," Dan Rodricks quotes a recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision that says the Albuquerque Humane Society has stopped accepting and adopting out pit bulls "because of their potential for attacks on other animals and people." That is doubly incorrect.

First, the "Albuquerque Humane Society" does not exist. Second, Animal Humane — New Mexico, a 47-year old private animal shelter based in Albuquerque, N.M. (often mistkenly called the Albuquerque Humane Society), has always taken in pit bulls and pit bull mixes. We have never refused admission of any dog based on its breed. Further, we are extremely proud of our highly successful track record for adopting hundreds of safe pit bulls into loving homes.

In support of this often misunderstood and maligned breed, Animal Humane has created a program called 505 Pit Crew that is aimed at education school aged children and young adults to address the horrors illegal dog-fighting. 505 Pit Crew program combines humane education and outreach with free dog training classes in an effort to divert youth from dog fighting and provide them with the education and tools needed for responsible dog ownership.

As New Mexico's oldest humane society, Animal Humane — New Mexico opposes all breed-specific legislation because it has been statistically proven to be ineffective; does not acknowledge that multiple environmental factors that to cause dog bites having nothing to do with the breed of dog; and passage of such laws result in the deaths of thousands of perfectly sound, stable and loving pit bull type dogs.

Peggy Weigle, Albuquerque, N.M.

The writer is executive director of Animal Humane — New Mexico

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