People, not pit bulls, are the problem

May 03, 2012

Dan Rodricks' recent column ("Pit bulls: Own them at your risk," May 1) represents the stereotyping, discriminatory and Nazi-like bias against a single breed of dogs.

Maybe he should do his own research instead of standing blindly behind one legal ruling. Nothing is ever black and white and especially when it comes to our legal system. Yes, pit bulls are strong animals and have a history of being abused in fighting rings because they are also loyal animals who will do anything for their owners.

It is the people who put them in these situations who should be "banned" or "destroyed" for the terrible abuse of animals. A pit bull is innately just as gentle and loving as any other animal. What he is suggesting amounts to genocide. Mr. Rodricks should try opening up his closed, biased mind and taking another look at those disgusting human beings who mistreat dogs and allow ignorant people like him to put the blame on those innocent animals.

Mr. Rodricks said it all when he stated that he sat up on a wooden platform and never felt the need to get any closer than four feet to a dog. He never game the animal a chance.

Stephanie Vannucci, Denver, Colo.

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