Why I can no longer in good conscience support my parish church

May 03, 2012

I don't always agree with Susan Reimer, but I must say that she seems to have her facts straight when it comes to the bad news coming out of the American bishops conference and the Vatican ("What would Jesus do? Not stuff like this," April 30).

I've been complaining so much about the stand of the church on recent issues that I'm almost worn out. The petition drive targeting gay members of the community, as well as the really pathetic attack on American nuns, were the final straw.

I've decided to take action by terminating my financial contributions to the archdiocese as well as to my parish. Each parish pays a tax to the archdiocese, so I can no longer in good conscience lend it my financial support.

I realize that many Catholic organizations do a lot of good work in the community. But the charities that are under the control of the bishops will have to get along without my support. There are other Catholic and non-Catholic charities I will support.

I have also declared my home to be a bishop-free zone. To paraphrase Susan Reimer, Jesus was not a bishop — Alleluia!

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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