The Catholic Church has become a hurtful and hypocritical institution

May 03, 2012

Thank you, Susan Reimer, for speaking up for so many of us ("What would Jesus do? Not stuff like this," April 30). I'm still angry over the "referendum tables" inside our church conducting business before the Mass is even over (the better to catch those running out early).

Whatever happened to separation of church and state? At least the Catholic people of Seattle were given a choice to have such tables, and many parishes opted out, including their cathedral parish.

I've heard too many people say "Who cares? Nobody pays any attention anyway." The truth is, I care — a lot. I also believe most active and involved Catholics of all ages care too.

The other truth is, our institutional church is very hurtful and hypocritical. Sadly, the Inquisition continues on many levels.

I hope we all are able to show our support and remember to pray for our religious sisters. I'm pretty sure that would come under "WWJD."

Anna M. Harrison, Perry Hall

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