Letter: Parks brochure does no good if people don't get it

May 03, 2012

The Howard County Parks and Recreation brochure needs to get to Howard County residents. A few years ago, Howard County residents got the brochure delivered to their home. Now, that is not the case.

There were so many wonderful programs and trips, and I used to brag to my friends in other counties about this. Now, many of the trips, and I'm not sure about the programs, are canceled for lack of participation. A friend of mine in another county gets the brochure, so I do know about the activities. But, many others do not.

The more people who know about the activity, the more money will be brought in to pay for it if they register. So, people not receiving the brochure, do not register, and money is lost, if the event even happens. People who work put in for time off for the activity. Others still set aside the date(s). So many have been canceled that it's not worth the effort anymore. It's a catch-22 effect.

I understand the brochure has been put into a supplement which is delivered weekly. Since I don't know when it will be delivered, the supplement is recycled without my looking at it, as is so much advertising I get. My tax money is thrown down the drain for these brochures if people don't know they are there.

I have written to the new marketing director for Howard County Parks and Recsas well as County Executive Ken Ulman, asking that this program be more publicized, and I get no answer. Not acceptable to me, a long-term Howard County resident.

My suggestion is to get the brochures to people. Some suggestions are: (1) deliver them to the homes, (2) send a postcard to Howard County residents saying when the brochure will appear in the supplement, (3) send an email saying when the brochure will appear in the supplement. Please, let's get the wonderful program back in full swing.

And elected and appointed Howard County officials, please respond to people who write you. Have that courtesy.

Brenda Kaufman

Ellicott City

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