Letter: School sports teams will suffer under turf fields agreement

May 03, 2012

As a former student of the Howard County public school system, I find it grossly offensive that fields would be taken away from the high schools that they are at.

For the four years I attended high school, I can not think of a day when there wasn't a school sports team practicing on the football field. The agreement (on installing new turf fields at the high schools) states schools will have priority until 5:45 p.m. on weekdays and will have to reserve evenings for football games. What it doesn't state is the fact that more than football occurs on these fields, a whole lot more.

If you total up the junior varsity, varsity, boys, and girls sports that use a high school "football" field, it's about 16 giving or taking a few, at each high school. These teams would have to schedule every practice, game, or scrimmage weeks or months and advance and hope that they get approved.

What happens when these high schools get denied and students suffer? I'll tell you what: Parks and recreation doesn't care, and their wallets get fatter because of it.

Trevor Cheyne

Ellicott City

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