Letter: For Joe Smith

May 03, 2012


I support and endorse, without qualification, Joseph Smith, candidate for the Havre de Grace City Council. I like what he wrote in the following statement:

One primary theme that I am stressing during this campaign is that people in Bulle Rock moved here because we feel a strong connection to the community and want to be here. We want to be considered a part of the community, regardless of where we are from or how long we've lived here. We offer much in terms of diversity, experiences, skills and interests. We support local businesses and contribute disproportionally to the local tax base.

I agree, because this is Joe, and is also my thinking. He has been active in neighborhood functions, literally from Day One, making his home available for various gatherings, organizing several social events in the community, and lending a hand where needed. My wife and I know him well as a friend and a neighbor. We live on the same street in Bulle Rock.

This social involvement is a manifestation of his interest in, concern for, and genuine liking of people; an essential attribute for those holding public office.

I also support Joe for his commitment to the greater community, but I had no idea to which extent until I read Council Member Barbara Wagner's endorsement of him in which she detailed the extent of this commitment. This demonstrates to me that he is a "doer" instead of being a talker, or a braggart, as so many are, whether in office or part of the electorate.

Joe may be a common name, but there is nothing common about Joe. He is intelligent, articulate, principled, and dedicated. If we had more Joe Smiths in government, it would be a far better government.

I look forward to the Havre de Grace Council Election on May 8 so I can give him my vote. I, an average Joe, support and endorse Joseph Smith.

L. W. White, Ed.D.

Havre de Grace

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