Replace schools before the 911 center

May 03, 2012|Letter to The Aegis


In Wednesday's edition of The Aegis, County Executive [David R.] Craig attempted to defend his seemingly indefensible decision to waste $40 million on an EOC [911 center] replacement. He stated the EOC, "Is outdated, in dire need of replacement, not repairs."  He also quoted his facilities chief stating, "The current EOC facility as a whole is in a state of failure and overall conditions range from inadequate to unsafe." Rather than providing meaningful insight, Mr. Craig's double-speak leads me to further questions. What are the specific failures and inadequacies? What are these phantom safety risks? Why can't the current facility be renovated and repaired?

Mr. Craig's defense of his $40 million EOC boondoggle illuminates his administration's misguided priorities. County Executive Craig does not want to "saddle" Harford County Government with a "deteriorating" facility.  However, he has no problem subjecting our school children to deteriorating buildings. He is concerned with the "outdated" EOC facility, but his proposed budget does little to address the outdated and inadequate school facilities which our children face every day. Before he wastes any more tax dollars on unnecessary, redundant facility replacements, perhaps Mr. Craig should properly fund our schools.

Ryan Burbey


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