First crop of startups at Wasabi Ventures' accelerator at Loyola University Maryland

  • CodePupil is one of three companies named to Wasabi Venture's accelerator program at Loyola University Maryland in May 2012
CodePupil is one of three companies named to Wasabi Venture's… ( )
May 03, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

The first crop of tech startups have launched at the new business accelerator program run by Silicon Valley-based Wasabi Ventures at Loyola University Maryland.

The tech startups are varied. One is CodePupil, a website that teaches people how to build websites through exercises and games;, a site that helps homeowners easily switch their energy providers; and Vidstructor, a video platform for the sports and fitness training industries.

The accelerator's office is in the Govans community of North Baltimore, a few minutes away from Loyola's campus. Wasabi is providing the companies with office space, and sales, marketing and engineering support for the companies, in exchange for an equity stake.

The Wasabi/Loyola accelerator is the second one to open up shop in Baltimore this year. The Emerging Technology Center, a tech incubator based in Canton, also launched one this year and invited four companies to participate.

And many in Baltimore's tech community are watching with anticipation to see what Betamore, another "hybrid" accelerator launching in South Baltimore, has up its sleeve.

Oh, almost forgot: There are whispers of an "EdTech" accelerator -- one that focuses on education technology companies -- that are being passed around. There seems to be high interest in it within the techies and entrepreneurs in the community -- but the question is, who will back it?

Bueller? Bueller?

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