Johns Hopkins announces that Greeley will miss rest of season

Junior midfielder reinjured left knee in which he tore a ligament last summer

May 02, 2012|By Edward Lee

Anyone who watched John Greeley crumple to the turf after intercepting a pass untouched in the second quarter of Johns Hopkins’ 8-2 loss to Navy on April 21 grimaced and knew that the junior midfielder would miss an extended period of time.

That period of time has turned into the remainder of the season, according to coach Dave Pietramala. Greeley, who had recorded seven goals and seven assists in 12 starts this season, will undergo surgery to repair the left knee in which he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament last summer.

Greeley was on the sideline of the No. 8 Blue Jays’ 10-9 overtime upset of then-No. 1 Loyola last Saturday and has been a consistent presence at practices, Pietramala said Wednesday morning.

“He could walk around feeling like a sourpuss, he could walk around feeling sorry for himself. John Greeley does everything but that,” Pietramala said. “He encourages the guys in practice. He comes out with a smile. He’s helping us just by being out there. John hasn’t let this get in the way of helping this team. In a day and age when it’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself, John Greeley, his mom and his dad won’t allow it. John has really been an inspiration to our team in terms of how he’s handled not being able to play the rest of the season.”

Greeley’s absence has been mitigated by junior Lee Coppersmith, who scored two goals in the team’s 5-0 start against the Greyhounds.

“I thought Lee, when he’s been asked to rotate up to the first midfield, has done his job and has done it well, and that’s what we’re asking him to do,” Pietramala said. “We’re not asking him to do any more than just his job, and Lee’s job, as a guy who’s very athletic, is to be able to get to the goal, and if he draws a slide, make the right decision and move the ball. If he doesn’t draw the slide, then try to bury the ball in the back of the net.”

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