Racial profiling OK when it protects public

May 02, 2012

Recently, Sen. Ben Cardin proclaimed in that "we must put an end to racial profiling" and held a press rally along with sending out e-mails.

I disagree with his position. We cannot afford to be unrealistic about who or what we are looking at to protect our American freedoms. That's how we end up with Transportation Security Administration agents frisking children and grandmas without any suspicion that they might be doing something wrong. We don't have enough police or the time to screen every member the public.

So let's go with a more practical approach and focus on those who are most apt to be doing something wrong. Agents develop a sixth sense that tells them when something isn't right. Let them utilize this capability and quit tying their hands behind their backs. Work on the root cause of the problem rather than just harassing the general public.

Shouldn't we be interested in protecting the public at the lowest cost possible rather than spending our money to harass us?

I ask Senator Cardin to just get real on this subject.

Charles Sexton, Aberdeen

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