Extraordinarily low assessments and taxes on city condos are indefensible

May 02, 2012

In your recent article about the incredibly low assessments and taxes on unsold luxury harbor condos in Baltimore City, Owen C. Charles, the deputy director for Maryland's Department of Assessments and Taxation, defended the assessments on some condos ("Millions slip away from city," April 29). After reading the details of the issue, the kindest assumption one can make is that Mr. Charles is incompetent to fill the position he holds.

If he is not being completely accurate in his statements, then perhaps other adjectives would be more fitting. Whichever is true, it seems to be time for Mr. Charles to be removed from that position.

The annual tax bills on the condos was $1,309, even though a similar condo recently sold for $1.5 million. Most, if not all, of the unsold units have been completed and received certificates of occupancy two or three years ago. These assessments and taxes are undefensible.

Kurt G. Wenzing Jr., Westminster

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