About 10,600 people like Facebook's organ donation effort so far

May 02, 2012|By Meredith Cohn

Facebook has started an effort to get more people interested in organ donation -- and so far about 10,600 people "like" this.

Read The Sun's story in today's paper here. But the effort seems to at least partially stem from a conversation a hopkins doctor had with an old classmate from Harvard who happens to now be an executive at the social media site.

It may be Facebook's first foray into social issue on such a scale.

The comments also are pouring in from those who have donated a loved one's organs or their own (living donors also are needed):

"Love that FB is helping to make people aware. My late husband waited 23 months in a hospital for a heart transplant, but died before he could receive a heart. BUT, we were able to donate some of his organs when he died. Some people were shocked that we donated his organs, but I couldn't think of anything more right, he would have wanted it that way. I know part of him is still living somewhere."

Here's the link to the organ donation page on Facebook.


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