25 years ago: Accused cop killer transferred out of Harford jail

May 02, 2012

From The Aegis dated May 7, 1987:

Accused cop killer Frank Green was transferred from the Harford County Detention Center 25 years ago this week to the state prison system.

Green's lawyer said Green's life and health were at risk in the county jail because a county sheriff's deputy was one of the people wounded during the "incident" in September in which a Maryland Transportation Authority Police officer was shot and killed. Deputies staff the jail.

Others called the "incident" involving Green more of a rampage.

A proposal to widen and straighten Route 1 from Silver Spring Road in Baltimore County to Mountain Road in Fallston wasn't being received well by the community 25 years ago.

State Highway Administration staff said the 8.8 mile stretch couldn't accommodate anticipated increases in traffic volume, which was expected to grow by 100 percent over the next 30 years.

One alternative was to widen the entire stretch to six lanes (three in each direction) and add a center turn lane in some of the more congested places. The estimated cost was $65.1 million. Curves through the valleys of Big and Little Gunpowder Falls would also be straightened.

The other alternative was to widen the entire stretch to four lanes (two in each direction) with a center turn lane in more congested areas. That option would cost $54.4 million and disrupt fewer businesses and homes and have a lesser environmental impact on the park areas.

Fallston residents, especially those living near the intersection of Route 152 and 1 said they were concerned their property values would be "severely impacted."

At that intersection, three businesses voluntarily closed when gas was found in their tap water 25 years ago.

The owner of Scandal's nightclub and Obie's restaurant called the health department and state fire marshal to report the smell then closed the businesses, which were served by the same well. The nearby Fallston Motel, served by a different well, also closed voluntarily.

Preliminary reports were that the water contained high concentrations of benzene, toluene and xylene.

"The water is unsafe to drink or use; it's gasoline," Harford Health Officer Thomas M. Thomas said.

Elections were over in Aberdeen and Havre de Grace.

In Aberdeen, Ron Kupferman was back on the town board of commissioners, beating incumbent William Benjamin by 36 votes. Benjamin had been a commissioner for 5-1/2 years. Mayor Raymond Warfield was also re-elected with 561 votes. Kupferman had 428 votes.

In Havre de Grace, Lucile Correri was ousted from the city council. She was replaced by Kathryn Mike, the only non-incumbent seeking office who also garnered the most votes of any candidate with 949. Finishing behind her were incumbents Gunther Hirsch and Stephen Sharp.

A 15-year-old Bel Air girl was hospitalized 25 years ago after fighting with another girl over an old boyfriend. The girl, who was found lying on the ground, suffered from a concussion after being assaulted by another girl.

Local restaurants were getting ready forMother's Day25 years ago this week, most offering specials of some sort. Souvenirs on Main Street had a special menu for the whole family that included stuffed lobster tails, crab imperial, stuffed jumbo shrimp and prime rib. Ernie's was hosting a brunch and dinner with special menus for all moms.

A gift of a different type was being advertised by The Waxman - $69.95 for "our complete VIP service interior and exterior including three coats of wax." The package was valued at $110.

Kmart was advertising gifts "just for mom" – Polaroid instant cameras for $29.96 to $49.88, a Polaroid Spectra system camera for $108.97 and Polaroid film for $6.77.

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