Monday Meltdown: 'God of War,' 'Sniper Elite V2' and a high school for gamers

Plus 'Ecco the Dolphin' and a sophomoric video entitled 'Skyrim Bikini Contest'

  • "God of War: Ascension" will introduce a beefed-up online mutliplayer mode to the series, in addition to the increasing the epic mythological imagery the franchise is famous for.
"God of War: Ascension" will introduce a beefed-up… (Sony )
April 30, 2012|By Dave Gilmore

News Roundup

•••• Some extremely juicy details about the exciting “God of War: Ascension” have surfaced, with some nuts and bolts of how the new multiplayer mode will function. Add this to your list of “reasons I own a PS3.” [USA Today]

•••• Evidence is pointing to the first bit of long-awaited “Skyrim” DLC being a) not far off and b) having something to do with Snow Elves and crossbows. Let’s be honest, the “Skyrim” DLC could be anything and we’d all buy it sight unseen. [Gamenguide]

•••• Miami-Dade County is opening up a public magnet high school this fall that has an emphasis on designing and creating video games.  [The Miami Herald]

•••• The sequel to one of Kinect’s launch titles is dropping Kinect support entirely. I don’t believe this is actually an indictment of Kinect so much as it is evidence that what everyone thought Kinect would be and what it’s become are two very different beasts. [Hexus]

•••• If you’re a “Mass Effect” fan, particularly one of the Geth race, you’ll want to read this interesting piece by Greg Perrault. Thanks for making me feel bad about obliterating the Geth in “Mass Effect 3,” Greg. [HuffPo]

Out this week

•••• Only one major release this week, as “Sniper Elite V2” comes to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. With “Battlefield,” “Call of Duty,” and “Medal of Honor” all taking a breather from World War II for the last couple years, there may be a renewed interest in stalking through the fields of 1940s Europe.

Game Cache classic

Everyone remembers "Ecco The Dolphin," one of the truly great achievements in game design during the 16-bit era. The game was philosophical and eerie in a way that most games can’t afford to be these days. With the news of EA filing for the trademark “SimOcean,” one wonders if we’ll ever get another aquatic adventure like “Ecco” in the future. In the meantime, you can play a pretty decent port of "Ecco" on iOS for $.99.

Free Mobile Challenge

Quizzes and trivia are one of the areas where there still could be a great amount of improvement in mobile games. “Logos Quiz Game" by ActioD, is a step in the right direction. Combining our cultural saturation of brandin with our love of guessing games, this simple concept nails the presentation. It has probably been helped by the popularity of “Draw Something,” because at its root it’s just like playing that game against someone who really likes drawing logos and never having to draw anything yourself.

Really Important Video

Let me just say that this "Skyrim Bikini Contest" video is really stupid. It also probably took someone a fair amount of time to edit it and make all those characters clap, so I'll let you be the judge rather than deprive you of seeing for yourself. I think they’re trying to do the "so crass it’s funny because it’s poking fun at crassness" thing, but it just comes across as regular old-fashioned crass. I feel such ire toward that host that I was hoping a dragon would swoop in and light him on fire. The language and scantily-clad digital ladies are NSFW.

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