Government waste extends beyond Vegas

April 24, 2012

Thank you, Susan Reimer, for expressing my outrage over how taxpayers are shafted and played for fools ("From Cartagena to Vegas, partying on taxpayers' dime," April 23).

The way the government squanders our money is obscene, and it's too bad Occupy Baltimore won't get on the case. I plan to protest a similar boondoggle perpetrated by the State Department that's ripping us off. All the summer job J-1 Visas so generously available make it more profitable for an employer to hire a foreign student for a job instead of employing an American. This is called the Summer Work Travel Program, and anyone visiting Ocean City will notice the tremendous number of non-Americans waiting tables and tending cash registers. Thanks to the program's generosity, an employer doesn't have to pay into Social Security, Medicare or unemployment insurance. Talk about beach blanket bingo!

And speaking of parties, if an employer hires a certain number of these J-1 Visa kids, they will be rewarded with a lavish, all-expenses-paid foreign vacation by the program's sponsors.

I work hard for my money and hate seeing my taxes thrown down a rat hole. Americans deserve better, but if Americans won't stand up and cry foul, nothing will change. Take my word for it.

Ross Ellis, Baltimore

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