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April 20, 2012|Letter to The Aegis

The following letter was sent to local elected officials and a copy was provided for publication.

Regarding the Columbia Gas Transmission Line, Referred to as the Line MB Loop, I am writing to you with safety, environmental and home value concerns relative to the above proposed line. Columbia Gas Transmission is either unwilling or has not authorized representatives to answer any of our hard questions.

The issues as we see it are as follows:

There is an existing eight-inch non pressurized line approximately 150 yards from our house.

The proposed line will be a 26-inch 1000 PSI line buried three feet deep with odorless gas located 50 years from my house and will take some of my property and restrict the enjoyment of my backyard.

The line will destroy my existing leach field. We are all on wells with no existing opportunity for water and sewage hook up.

What does the proposed pipe line do to the quality of our drinking water? We are in the same homes that are part of a class action lawsuit because of a leak of MTBE by a now-closed Exxon station in Fallston.

The proposed pipe line will run along power lines for many miles. There is a three-mile section that will veer off and as a result effect our property and others. They can't seem to tell us why, other than BGE won't like it.

I believe part of the proposed route may be protected wet lands, along with disturbing our water supply.

Last but not least, who pays for the value of our decorative trees septic and water system, loss of our expensive land and depreciated value of our homes?

The county won't help us, they say, It's a federal matter and referred us to you. Please help us make our voices heard.

Joseph A. Fortier


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