Top 10 movies for anyone planning a wedding

  • Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride
April 18, 2012|By Megan Isennock

Planning a wedding is like taking on an unpaid, part-time job that you're not really qualified for. The stress of picking a date, venue, dress, caterer, band, florist, wedding party, officiant -- and then working out how to pay for it all -- is overwhelming. While we can always find solace in a glass of red and a phone call to a friend, sometimes it’s best to grab your beloved and hunker down to a good movie.

I’ve created a list of 10 wedding movies that will make you laugh, sob and cringe, but that, most of all, will also calm your nerves and make you grateful that you’re not, say, marrying Prince Humperdinck. 

Father of the Bride

Because you need to prepare for the moment your dad gives you away.

The Princess Bride

Because “As you wish” will always be the correct a welcome response.

The Wedding Singer

Because in comparison, the ‘80s make any modern wedding look better.

The Hangover

Because your laughter will camouflage your Bradley Cooper crush.


Wedding Crashers

Because your laughter will camouflage your Bradley Cooper crush.

Mama Mia

Because you can sing better than most of the cast.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Because everyone should learn the art of karaoke sabotage.


Because nothing that has happened in your wedding planning is worse than Mya Rudolph’s encounter with bad Brazilian food and French couture.

The Birdcage

Because it’s okay to be jealous that your wedding won’t be thrown by Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in South Beach.

Muriel’s Wedding

Because ABBA and friendship.

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