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'Dancing with the Stars' recap: Week 5, Latin night performances

April 17, 2012|By Amy Watts

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower
Roshon is trying to get some of William's mojo, by dressing like him, and putting a poster of him up in the studio, and then gets some salsa tips in the "DWTS" kitchen. The dance floor has been transformed into some sort of prom with a "tropical paradise" theme. Roshon's certainly got the energy for a salsa; he's so fast and his ultra-thin legs remind of the pros you see doing well in Latin competitions. Bruno calls his timing "unbelievable" and Carrie Ann says it was a "mishmosh of beautiful dancing." Oooo-kay. Len wants him to settle down just a bit.
Scores: Carrie Ann:  9  Len: 8  Bruno: 9

More Santana — which is fine and all, but it seems like the judges have been cutting their comments short as the show's gone on, so maybe there wasn't quite enough time for the Santana Super Hits Show.  Or the rehearsal footage segments should have been shortened? Get on it, producers.

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd
Peta tells Donald this week is going to get even harder with the Argentine tango. Donald says he's having to twist like a pretzel and spin until he's dizzy. They show Donald watching footage of last week's routine after he says he treats each dance like a football game. And then he starts complimenting Peta like he's the pro and she's the star. He's so likeable it's immeasurable. The story for their dance starts with a poker game. And hoo-boy, is this one sexy routine, probably more so than either of the Argentine tangos we already saw. Peta's really choreographed to take advantage of Donald's athleticism and strength, with some amazing lifts. I know I'm impressed enough that I'll be rewatching it at least twice more tonight. Carrie Ann compliments their lifts, but also the moves getting in and out of the lifts. Len loved the lifts, but was "eh" on the rest of it. Bruno said the buildup was amazing but then got a little off track. Peta's dress is almost more revealing than one of Edyta's old bikini/bed sheet get ups. Click here for this week's obligatory "Why straight men should watch this show" picture.
Scores: Carrie Ann: 10   Len: 8    Bruno: 9
I liked this routine way better than William's.

Top scores: William & Cheryl and Katherine & Mark. Bottom scores: Melissa & Maks and Gavin & Karina. I'd be shocked if those bottom scores aren't the bottom two tomorrow — tune in for this new dance duel twist tomorrow night.

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