Baltimore's Jittergram: One week, 100,000+ app store downloads

  • Friends of the Web find success with Jittergram app.
Friends of the Web find success with Jittergram app. (Handout photo )
April 13, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

Friends of the Web, a four-person Web tech firm in Baltimore, spent a weekend in February building Jittergram at a photo hackathon in New York City.

They figured, hey, it's a simple iPhone app that helps people create animated .gifs -- might as well just put it in the Apple App Store.

You take two similar photos, the app mashes them together, and you have a defacto animation. Fun. quirky. Easy.

Here's a Jittergram of me!

They launched it this month and the downloads started trickling in -- until Apple featured Jittergram in the prominent "New and Noteworthy" section in the App Store on iTunes.

The downloads for Jittergram have taken off -- the little app, still a little unpolished, but simple and fun to use, has more than 100,000 downloads for Friends of the Web, according to co-founder Andy Mangold.

"It's exciting having that many people using the product," said Mangold. "It's just a little thing we put together and we're excited people have a connection to it."

Mangold said the app was definitely helped by its being featured by Apple. The firm's other app, called Quiption, a photo app that enables people to mail printed photos, has also seen a major boost in downloads, as users of Jittergram discover the app. It's a positive halo effect.

There are other apps that offer similar features to Jittergram, Mangold said, but their app is simple and easy to use. You can share Jittergrams by email, Twitter and over the Web.

FoTW have more apps they're working on. But they do have plans to enhance Jittergram with more tweaks and improvements, and to experiment with monetization. So far, the app is free.

Here's the app download link.
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