O'Malley wind bill: More from the big government nanny state

April 04, 2012

Gov.Martin O'Malley's wind power bill is the economic hocus pocus play that you guys back up for whatever reason ("A better wind bill," April 2). You start by portraying the finances as positive — "wind will remain free" and "cost overruns will be borne by the developers not the ratepayers." Then in the last paragraph the truth comes out: "the deal likely depends on the extension of federal subsidies and loan guarantees."

Once again, the middle class and our children will be responsible for paying this bill. Just like moving pension costs to the counties and taking credit, Governor O'Malley is now moving costs to the federal government and taking credit. Meanwhile the folks have to pay in either case, and he goes on unscathed due to your unfailing patronage of his big government, big spending, nanny state.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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