The Sun's bias toward incumbents is obvious

March 31, 2012

Your article about the references to race and religion in state Sen. C Anthony Muse's campaign materials as he seeks to unseat U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin in the April 3 Democratic primary says more than it seems to ("Muse flyer questioned over religious message," March 28).

This isn't so much about race as it is about incumbency and cronyism. You don't have to be black or Jewish, male or female to be a victim of a captive electoral system. You just need to challenge an incumbent.

Candidates always highlight the differences between them and their opponents in order to gain support. And the press went on for weeks about the religious makeup of the Supreme Court — where are the Protestants? Are there too many Catholics?

So why did your article highlight Senator Muse's statement that there were "12 Jews" in the U.S. Senate, but no African-Americans? It seems relevant to me that there are no African-Americans in the Senate.

Moreover, why raise questions about Mr. Muse's campaign filings now? My guess is he may not have received enough donations to meet the filing requirements and doesn't want that information known just as the election takes place, since for some fundraising is regarded as an indicator of success.

And why wouldn't Mr. Muse tie himself to President Obama as a show of solidarity on issues regarding race? Of course a black politician will have more experience and empathy for the needs of black constituents. Does it matter that Mr. Obama campaigned for Senator Cardin? Only if the article was meant to discourage voters and promote the incumbent.

I have never seen so much election bias as I have in Baltimore. It is incredible to me that demands for reform have not rung more loudly and strongly. I hear the incumbents names repeated over and over; the bias toward corporate politicians is obvious.

Cindy Walsh

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