The fiscally conservative, socially progressive answer for Md.: Register Republican

March 30, 2012

For readers in shock from Sun articles about the Maryland state government's drive to take more and more of our hard-earned money, there is a solution.

Maryland government is now controlled by interests that strongly benefit from an ever-increasing welfare state. My friend Tom calls them the "tax-takers" — public sector unions, urban developers, public service providers, and socialists/communists. By taking advantage of low voter turnout in primary elections, these groups make sure that tax-takers and their friends vote, so pro-tax Democratic candidates always win the primaries. And because registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans, the general election is simply a rubber-stamp approval of the Democratic candidate.

For state Senate races, the tax-takers identify delegates most in tune with their pro-tax, pro-spending agenda and use the same game to elect their best advocates to the Senate. No wonder Maryland Senate is even more liberal than the House of Delegates! Of course, this system is helped by the fact that Maryland doesn't have open primaries.

In short, there is no way that fiscally conservative Democrats in Maryland can ever have any voice in their party or in their state government.

The solution is to register Republican, like me. Now wait, I'm an atheist, wildlife conservationist, pro-gay marriage and pro-women's choice. I was a Democrat since I was 18. But recently I felt compelled to change my party affiliation because I'm totally frustrated with the tax-takers who control the Maryland Democratic Party.

So, come with me, let's get some fiscally conservative and socially progressive candidates on Republican tickets and kick out the servants of the tax-takers. Unless, that is, you like giving the tax takers more of your money.

Robert Fireovid, Greenbelt

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