Game Faces: Amy Henricks, Marriottsvillle

Stevenson senior on Batman fandom, and the up and downs of being a girl gamer

  • Amy Henricks is studying business communications at Stevenson University by day, but by night there's a strong case to be made that she might actually be Batwoman.
Amy Henricks is studying business communications at Stevenson… (Amy Henricks )
March 30, 2012|By Dave Gilmore

"Game Faces" is an ongoing series where we will look at the people behind the well-worn game controllers of Baltimore. They might be your neighbor, your elected official or your bartender. Whoever they are, they love games, just like you. Want to show us your "Game Face"? Drop us a line at or on Twitter, @dave_gilmore. 

Amy Henricks (@ahenricks0707), a senior at Stevenson University, has yet to meet another true female gamer in real life. With her focus of study in event planning as a business communications major, she could one day plan a convention to remedy her lack of peer connections in the gaming world.

In the meantime, the Marriottsville native and Xbox loyalist is diving off buildings and taking out her targets in "Assassin's Creed" and playing through "Resident Evil 5" for the eleventh time to make sure she's grabbed every achievement and upgrade.

What’s in the tray of your 360 right now?
"Assassin’s Creed: Revelations"

How did you get started playing games?
I started playing video games young. I have a brother who is six years older than I am. So when I was 5 old, I was playing "Street Fighter II Turbo" on the PC with my brother.

Favorite games?
"Assassin's Creed," "Resident Evil," "Read Dead Redemption" and the "Batman' games.

What do you love about "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City"?
Batman is my favorite superhero of all time, so when I heard there was a Batman game coming out, I was so excited and was not disappointed. I love how both games really were true to who Batman is and portrayed all the characters really well. The game was dark, interesting and a ton of fun.

Is there a big game series that’s just never done it for you?
The "Call of Duty" series. They just keep pumping them out and they are all so similar to me. I understand that it can be a fun game. I really like playing the challenge mode with my friends, but when it comes to playing online, I don't understand why anyone does it. You have the guys that play for 36 hours straight, trying to level up before anyone else and then you have the guys who like to make up for their lack of self-esteem by acting tough by talking trash to everyone they kill or who kills them. Don't even get me started on what happens if they find out a girl is playing the game...

Are there a lot of other gamers in your life?
I have yet to meet another girl gamer in my life, but most of the guys in my life play video games. Almost all of my guy friends do, and my brother does.

Where can we find you around Baltimore (when you're not hard at study, of course)?
I really like going to a place in Columbia called Pub Dog. It's a casual place. I go there with friends to grab a beer and catch up.

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