Ed Reed: 'Baltimore is home for me ...'

March 29, 2012|Sun Staff Reports

After losing the AFC championship game earlier this year, Ed Reed walked through the Ravens locker room singing an old Teddy Pendergrass tune.

"I think I better let it go ...," he sang. The familiar lines of "Love TKO" was all Reed was heard saying after the New England Patriots beat the Ravens in January. He didn't address the retirement rumors or any plans for his future.

Nearly a month later, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said Reed told the team he will return for his 11th season.

Tonight, Reed confirmed he isn't ready to let go of football, making his first public comments about his future and what he has to consider in the upcoming months.

Reed and Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie were inducted into the University of Miami hall of fame tonight but before the ceremony, Reed acknowledged the rumors about his future.

“There’s a lot of talk out there. I’m not going to say I’m 50-50 because I’m not," Reed told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "I want to play football. But it’s something me and my team have been discussing the last couple of weeks. My partners, they do a great job of making sure I know the pros and cons of what’s going on with my body and with the organization and where we’re at. I plan on doing it, but depending, it could change.”

As far as Reed is concerned, the 33-year old believes he has a little longer in the league if he has his way.

“If it was up to me, I’d be with a walking cane out there," Reed said. "I don’t know, man. I think four to five years is a reality for me.”

One thing Reed knows for sure, "Baltimore is home for me unless they say otherwise."

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