Where's the outrage over all the other young black men who are killed on our streets?

March 29, 2012

The Trayvon Martin story is a tragedy justifiably causing outrage among thousands of citizens, including President Obama ("A show of solidarity on 'Hoodie Sunday,'" March 26).

Yet on the same day that story appeared there was just a single paragraph about another young man only a few years older than Trayvon who was killed in front of his home in Baltimore ("Man, 18, fatally shot outside home in West Baltimore," March 26).

No speeches or condolences from the president were mentioned in that story, and none are likely to be forthcoming because this is an almost daily event in Maryland that draws little attention.

Before the week is out there will be more deaths by gunshot reported, some of the victims may be younger than 17, and the news accounts won't even mention of their names.

The evening television news will only report their deaths if a grieving mother can be captured on film. When will the outrage be enough to stop these killings, if they are noticed at all? When will young lives in Baltimore become important?

Arthur F. Bell Jr., Hunt Valley

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