The bacon coffin: How bacon-lovers want to spend eternity

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March 29, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Bacon lovers, are you sitting down?

Better yet -- are you dead?

If so, your dream product is here.

Today they guys who brought the world Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and most recently, Bacon Lube, unveiled their latest creation: the bacon coffin.

For those who love bacon to death.

"You ate bacon, you decorated your body with bacon, your car with bacon and your home with bacon," the release says. "And now, you can peacefully rest wrapped in bacon."

The coffins are painted to look just like the deceased's favorite food -- with what the company calls a "bacon and pork shading." They are accented with gold handles and come with an adjustable bed and mattress, ivory crepe linens and, yes, a bacon memorial tube.


To spend eternity like this, it will cost you -- $2,999.95 plus shipping and handling. That's a lot of you know what.

The company has already sold one, to someone in Iowa, Dave Lefkow, of J&D's Foods told Insider.

And -- there's a Maryland connection to the company. Lefkow's grandfather, Sigmund Danzansky, once co-owned the area funeral home, Danzansky-Goldberg.

"Given that it’s a Jewish funeral home," Lefkow joked, "I’m guessing they never would have sold these, but there you go."

For more information, or to freak your loved ones out and place an order:


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