Holding pattern still in place for Hopkins' Boland

Little change in senior attackman's timetable for return, according to Blue Jays coach

March 28, 2012|By Edward Lee

It’s been almost six weeks since Chris Boland injured his shoulder in Johns Hopkins’ season opener against Towson, and there’s been little change in the senior attackman’s timetable to return.

“He’s been the same,” coach Dave Pietramala said Wednesday morning regarding Boland’s status for the No. 1 Blue Jays’ game against No. 10 North Carolina Sunday at the Big City Classic. “Until the doctors tell me, ‘Hey, Coach, go ahead,’ then that’s the way it’s going to be. But when Chris comes back, it’s not going to be a thing where you say, ‘OK, he’s starting.’ You’re going to have to kind of ease him back into things. The kid hasn’t played in however-many weeks, and you just can’t turn around and say, ‘OK, you’re back full time and go ahead.’”

Even when Boland does return, Pietramala said he’s not inclined to immediately thrust the Jessup native and Boys’ Latin graduate into a starting role until he’s satisfied that Boland can endure the physical nature of playing attack.

“You’re not just going to bring a guy back who hasn’t practiced in six, seven, eight or nine weeks and say, ‘OK, now you start. You’re back. Give it a full go,’” Pietramala said. “You’ve got to re-acclimate them to the game, to the pounding, to the speed of the game and do all that. The good thing for us is that when Chris does come back, he’s been around so long that it’s not like he hasn’t had to do this before.”

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