Abortion protesters rewarded for disruptive behavior

March 28, 2012

The article "Law, order, free speech" (March 25) prompts this response: What is distressing to this reader is that a group of religious fanatics who oppose abortion are awarded (by a federal Judge) a "settlement" of $385,000 for their despicable behavior. Admittedly, the police behaved badly, but what are they to do when they become frustrated by the outrageous action of so-called peaceful protesters waving intimidating signs that infringe upon the rights of citizens merely driving along a heavily traveled highway?

What did the protesters expect to gain by their action? More protesters to carry additional obscene placards? I think not. All they got was a bunch of peaceful citizens who were annoyed enough to call the police who became frustrated and, understandably, acted foolishly because the law is not clear. In my view, the protesters are inciting the public who are entitled to be free of a bunch of grotesque signs.

Sy Steinberg, Baltimore

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