Keep Merzbacher in prison

  • John Merzbacher in 1995, outside the Baltimore Circuit Court before the closing arguments of his case.
John Merzbacher in 1995, outside the Baltimore Circuit Court… (Lloyd Fox / The Baltimore…)
March 27, 2012

John Merzbacher was sentenced to four life sentences for the horrific rape of a young girl ("Supreme Court decisions renew interest in petition fighting convicted child rapist's release," March 22). The recent Supreme Court ruling does not offer an automatic end to his sentence because of insufficient legal counsel about a plea agreement. State and local officials must consider the seriousness of his crimes and keep him in prison. Beyond the rapes of which he was found guilty, there are many untold stories about the vast extent of his abuse of young people. His violent behavior thrived in communal silence both in and out of school settings. As one of his former students, I can attest to his madness and sick obsession with children. The legal system must use all of its power to keep John Merzbacher in prison. I hope he is never set free.

Nancy Fenton, Lutherville

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