Senate approves gambling bill

sends measure to House

March 27, 2012|by Annie Linskey

Maryland's Senate approved a bill this morning that would allow a sixth casino in Prince George's County, sending the measure to the House, which has been far less friendly to the idea.

It passed on a 35 to 11 vote, with two senators from Prince George's County voting red. Should the legislation pass in the House, it would still have to be approved by voters on the November ballot. 

Two possible locations for a casino include National Harbor, a gleaming development on the Potomac River, or Rosecroft Raceway.

As a sweetener to state's current casino operators, the bill knocks the state's tax rate on gambling revenues from 67 percent to 60 percent. It also would allow table games at all of the state's casinos.

The bill also would allow the same company to own up to two casinos in Maryland. The modification was inserted to allow Penn National, which owns the Cecil County casino, to bid on one at Rosecroft, said Sen. Ed Kasemeyer.

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