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March 27, 2012




The Baltimore Sun iPad app combines the best of Web and print into one sleek, convenient experience.

Keep up with the news

• Whether it's a big story — or a small story that's big to you — you won't miss it. With top news right up front, you can easily navigate to topic-based sections, as well as breaking news and social media feeds, all updated throughout the day.

…without being rushed

• One-tap buttons make it easy to bookmark content for later, or download for offline viewing.

Choice and control

• Intuitive tap-and-swipe navigation takes you straight to the content that matters most to you.

• Variable text sizes ensure comfortable reading.

• Built-in tools let you share content with friends and family without leaving the app.

…without being overwhelming

• Stories in each section are numbered, so you know how many you've seen and how many you have left.

• Bright, crisp digital photos and video

• High-resolution photos and videos from Sun staff and photojournalists around the world bring the news to life.

…in a clean, print-inspired format

• Streamlined presentation gives you all of the content without any of the clutter

The app is free to download. Headlines and image previews are also free. Users with Baltimore Sun All Access Digital membership can log in to view complete content. Users may also purchase a monthly subscription to just the iPad app for $9.99 a month through iTunes.

Download options
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News Reader

Access award-winning content from The Baltimore Sun -- anytime, anywhere. With the Baltimore Sun News Reader app for iPhone:
    • • Stay up-to-the-minute on the Maryland topics and coverage you care most about with breaking news, sports, weather, business and entertainment updates. Reorder sections and save favorites to customize your experience.
    • • Get insight and analysis from all your favorite Sun bloggers and columnists.
    • • View new and archived picture galleries from Sun photojournalists.
    • • Conveniently track Sun Twitter accounts and lists. Share on Twitter, Facebook and email yourself without leaving the app.
    • • Stay connected: While many apps fail when a network isn't available, the Baltimore Sun iPhone app is designed for users who sometimes go where the signal can't. Although you won't get the latest news when a connection isn't available, you will have the most recently downloaded content in the app and all your saved items at your fingertips.
    • • The app is free to download. Headlines and image previews are also free. Users with Baltimore Sun All Access Digital membership can log in to view complete content.
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subscription (Kindle e-readers and apps)

                                        A Kindle subscription delivers an e-reader version of our daily print edition to Kindle e-readers and
                                      for a complete list of supported platforms.

The Baltimore Sun Kindle edition includes articles found in the print edition, but will not include some images and tables. Also, some features and sections such as the crossword puzzle, Parade magazine, box scores and classifieds are not currently available.
Issues are automatically delivered wirelessly each morning to your device or app.
The $5.99 monthly subscription comes with a risk-free 14-day free trial.
  • Go to Amazon to start a risk-free two-week trial

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