Profiles of readers' pets featured in new 'Collared' photo gallery

  • NAME: Angus Earl of Havre de Grace  OWNER: Bonnie & Darrell String  HOW THEY MET: We visited a Bel Air golden retriever breeder. All of the puppies were carried upstairs in a laundry basket.  AGE: 2  HOME: Havre de Grace  BREED: Golden retriever  BEST TRICK: Angus turns on the TV by pushing the power button with his nose.  FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Bounding into snowbanks to retrieve his Kong zinger toy and finding remote controls or telephones.  FAVORITE FOOD: Angus loves grilled salmon skin with delectable bits of juicy salmon clinging to the skin.  FUNNIEST MOMENT: When Angus hears a dog barking on TV, he runs behind the TV to investigate.  COUCH PET-ATO: Angus loves sitting on the couch between his favorite people getting petted by two people.  IF ANGUS HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: Couches are for dogs -- not pillows. I vow to chew any pillows infringing upon my space.
NAME: Angus Earl of Havre de Grace OWNER: Bonnie & Darrell… (Handout photo, Baltimore…)
March 27, 2012|By Rachel Martin | The Baltimore Sun

Who doesn't love pictures of cute pets? I know I do. My name is Rachel Martin, and I'm a features intern for The Baltimore Sun. Along with another intern, Krishana Davis, I will be contributing to Unleashed.

As if everyone didn't already enjoy browsing through pictures of adorable pets, readers can now submit profiles and photos of their furry friends to be featured in The Baltimore Sun's new online Collared photo gallery.

Previously, Collared has been a weekly story for Unleashed. With the new photo gallery, though, you can submit the following information to Jill Rosen at to share why your pet is so special: pet name, owner name, how you met your pet, age, hometown, breed, best trick, favorite activity, favorite food, funniest moment and motto for life.

Collared is also featured in the print edition of The Baltimore Sun on Mondays in the Sunrise section.

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