Introducing Avery's Pearls: A new farm-to-table oyster at Ryleigh's Oyster

March 27, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Ryleigh's Oyster in Federal Hill now has its own oyster -- Avery's Pearls, named after Avery McComas, the younger daughter of the restaurant's owners, Jennifer and Brian McComas. Ryleigh's itself was named after their elder daughter, Ryleigh.

Avery's Pearls are a collaboration between Ryleigh's and the Shooting Point Oyster Co., a family-owned oyster farm located in a remote stretch of Virginia's Eastern Shore. All aspects of their cultivation, from size, salinity levels, shape and overall appearance were jointly developed in what is being called a first of its kind restaurant-farm partnership.

The result, McComas says, are an approachable oyster for both the connoisseur and the oyster virgin. The size and salinity level of Avery's Pearls are achieved in about a year and half from seed to the final culling. Their soft oval shape is achieved by strategically “tumbling” the oysters five different times in their life cycle, thus creating the look and feel of a sturdy, petite but easily shuck-able oyster. 

Working with the McComases, Shooting Point owner is directing the overall growth plan and quality controls for Avery Pearl's. "The results have been positive thus far," says Gallivan. "Brian know exactly what he wants the Avery’s Pearls to be."

“Our goal is to deliver the very best oysters to our patrons on a daily basis” says McComas.  “This partnership allows us to get a little more involved in what the ultimate end product will be; these oysters are very special to us.”

For each Avery's Pearl oyster purchased, a donation of ten cents will be made to the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Center. “We lost a dear member of our family to Breast Cancer and we decided this would be a fun way of remembering her with each and every oyster that goes across the Raw Bar” said Jennifer McComas.  “The oyster has been really good to our family and this is our way of paying it forward.”  

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