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Q&A with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti

March 26, 2012|By Jeff Zrebiec, The Baltimore Sun

Yeah, I always do. We've always had stalwarts. We've had a lot of players spend a lot of years in the organization and the longer they stay, the better we get. As you see, Torrey Smith does in his rookie year what we would have been thrilled for him to do in his second year. What do you expect from Torrey? You don't just turn around and say, 'He gave us 60 receptions so we're going to plug him in for 90.' It doesn't work that way. We lost some guys last year and the one thing that I'll say is, I think we're good at the timing of giving people the opportunity to play. With the salary cap issues that teams face, the old adage is that we might have to get rid of a guy too soon as opposed to a year too late really holds true. We gave guys like [Dennis] Pitta and [Ed] Dickson and Torrey opportunities that wouldn't have existed had we not cleared some roster spots for him. We're in the same situation now by losing guys like Cory Redding and J.J., and Ricky Williams retiring. Guys like Anthony Allen and [Paul] Kruger and [Pernell] McPhee and Arthur Jones and [Sergio] Kindle. It's time. The only thing that I will say is most of the time when we go into the season wondering whether the young guy will adequately fill that hole, we are vindicated nine out of 10 times. I can't think of an instance. Then, if it's not a young guy, it's bringing in a guy like [Bernard] Pollard for Dewan Landry and Vonta Leach to step in for Le'Ron McClain. We can fill those holes. As long as the core stays there, then I think we are capable of dealing with this inevitability. Right now, you can plug [Jah Reid] in at guard, but it doesn't mean that he won't have competition from the draft or free agency, or the guys that we have. And it doesn't mean that he can't beat out somebody else from the line for a different spot or God forbid, we have an injury. We're going to have some good young talent that's going to get a chance. [Tackle] Ramon Harewood is a forgotten man, but he's a hard worker and we've liked what we've seen from him the last two years. He's going to be given an opportunity to compete.

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