Politicians ignore women's issues at their peril

March 26, 2012

Bob Voelker ("What's important, birth control or the economy?" March 20) seems to disbelieve that "…with all the difficulties we face every day ... birth control and the roles of women in combat are what women voters are going to remember when choosing a candidate."

You're darn right we will, Bob.

A candidate who writes off the deep personal priorities of 51 percent of the population is in dire trouble when it comes to asking for their votes.

As Betty Freidan famously said, "The personal is political."

And we will not be choosing a president based solely on the economy, the price of gas, how soon the war in Afghanistan winds down, or who compels Iran to stop terrorizing the world with its belligerence.

We will also be considering the availability of health insurance, birth control to space our families, and equal pay for equal work.

And most of us won't give a tinker's damn which one of the Republican contenders invokes the name of Jesus more often or panders to us with their put-on folksiness.

We'll be looking for the one we can entrust with our lives, our health, our families' welfare, the excellence of our schools, and fair taxation for the 99 percent.

You bet we'll remember what they care about our priorities.

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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